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South African Flowering Trees - a botanical adventure through history by Rob Wood


Many books are written about trees, but few give a complete picture:

what do they look like? Where do they come from? How do they grow?

What are their uses for man, animals, birds and insects?

How have their names changed over time?



A passionate love affair, a devastating war,
a tragedy with a twist...

... a remarkable debut - not least because it is true!

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Publishing Print Matters publishes books on South African a
rt, craft and heritage with a particular focus on those artists, craftspeople and individuals who have been overlooked yet made an impact on South African culture: they have stories to tell and vision to share that can empower our youth and restore pride in our collective heritage.


  • print matters art & craft
  • print matters heritage
  • print matters planet – non-academic, important, accessible and useful subject matter about the environment.
  • scamp fiction – innovative, challenging, relevant and rewarding new South African writing.
  • scamp nonfiction – accessible, informative, useful, value-added South African nonfiction including biography and autobiography.
  • bumble books – illustrated childrens books that add value to pre- and primary schoolers and parents alike.

Publishing Print Matters also packages, markets and distributes books for other publishers as well as corporations, institutions, associations and individuals.

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Vumile and the Dragon
by Claerwen Howie

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Goggy Bakes Banana Bread
by John Macfarlane

It looks like things are about to get messy; but with your help, Goggy’s banana bread will be delicious …

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