The PossibiliTree by Tamlyn Young
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“Grown-ups think they are more clever than kids but I don’t think that’s always true. I think grown-ups forget how to do a lot of important things … like how to play and how to see the magic in everyday kinds of things.” ANNA TWIG


This story is for anyone who wants to carry on growing - grown-ups included! Join Anna Twig in search of something very important!


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THE POSSIBILI TREE written & illustrated by Tamyn Young (Bumble Books 2015)

Of all the books sent to me for review in the last two months, none has given me greater pleasure. This clever, attractive, engaging picture-book assumes that children have intelligence. It has a theme rather than a plot – the power and possibility of story. It starts with the grey bleakness of Nowhereville (which reminded me of the City of Reality in Norton Juster’s The Phantom Tollbooth which faded away because no one took any notice of it). All the people in Nowhereville have lost their story. Then Anna Twig, in a green dress with bright carroty hair, goes planting in PossibilitiTree Park (which reminded me of another girl with similar hair in Shaun Tan’s The Red Tree). Each story offered is a new leaf on the Possibiliti Tree. Examples are provided telling about a CuriousiTree, an ObservaTree, a PoetTree, and a welcoming TeaTree where “all my new friends can rely on me, for unlimited generosi-tea”. Finally we (children and disbelieving adults) are reminded that:

Through stories we remember

where we come from, who we are,

and we dream into the future

though it may seem really far.


The artwork baffles my powers of description. It’s collage + brushwork + atmospheric colour + computer cleverness + telling detail. Evocative. Brilliant.  This is not “a story” – it’s a book about story, with stories, justifying the power of story. Those wise people, children, will explore their way into its Possibilities, provided that their parents or teachers have been wise enough to open the book and share it. JAY HEALE - BOOKCHAT / OCTOBER 2015

about the author - Tamlyn Young

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TAMLYN YOUNG was born in Durban, South Africa and now lives in Limerick, Ireland. She holds an Honour's degree in Fine Art and a Master’s degree in Visual Art: (Illustration) from Stellenbosch University. Tamlyn uses layers of mixed media and digital collage to create her images. Her creative process begins with drawing and developing these ideas into a visual story. The PossibiliTree is Tamlyn’s first children’s book.

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