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This story is for anyone

who wants to carry on growing -

grown-ups included!

Join Anna Twig in search of something


Bumble Books was nominated for the Bologna Prize for the Best Children’s Publisher: Africa 2015 -  the only South African Children’s Book Publisher of five selected from Africa.


Bumble Books is committed to showcasing NEW South African illustrator-authors

to the international children’s book market.

O F F E R    E X T E N D E D

06 SEPTEMBER 2015 


P R E - O R D E R   N O W   O P E N

Robin Stuart-Clark's storyboard for an animated film Glider [1974] has been restored from negative litho film, scanned and reconfigured digitally as close to the way the original artwork – some 100 linocut single colour black prints – was exhibited, albeit briefly, in November 1974.

R E L E A S E   1 5   S E P T E M B E R   2 0 1 5


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P R O V I S I O N A L   R E L E A S E     2  0  1  5

Levaillant’s Legacy – A History of South African Ornithology

Roy Siegfried: a remarkable synthesis of the history

of the development of the study of birds in South Africa.

print matters heritage

I N   P R O D U C T I O N     2  0  1  5

Life in Art – The Karen McKerron Gallery

by Karen McKerron and edited by Robin Stuart-Clark, with contributions from

exhibitors, curators and reviewers  - 

the biography of a gallery that for eighteen years hosted and nurtured the

work of an alphabet of South African painters, printmakers, ceramicists

and sculptors, most of whom are today well-known international artists.

JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2016 – print matters heritage


Clifford Mpai – a way of seeing  

with contributions from art historians, reviewers, and contemporary artists:

although his work features in many major South African public and

corporate art collections, Clifford Mpai (b1937) has received little national

exposure or public recognition. 

JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2016 – print matters art & crafts


My Dear Eve – Letters from Camdeboo  - Volumes 1 and 2

edited by Professor Paul Walters and illustrated by Lucy Stuart-Clark:

a collection of letters written by Sita Palmer to Eve Palmer about all aspects of a

farming family’s life in the Karoo. Many of the letters lay the groundwork

for the two books by EvePalmer about the farm.

More than 400 in number, the letters cover the years 1961 to 1993.

VOLUME 1 / MARCH 2016 – print matters heritage

VOLUME 2 / JUNE 2016 – print matters heritage

Coming soon:

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Publishing Print Matters publishes books on South African art, craft and heritage with a particular focus on those artists, craftspeople and individuals who have been overlooked yet made an impact on South African culture: they have stories to tell and vision to share that can empower our youth and restore pride in our collective heritage.

Bumble Books, our illustrated children's book imprint, showcases new South African illustrators and authors, with an emphasis upon fun and entertainment.

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